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water treatment

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SVAROG supplies new generation ultraviolet amalgam lamps for use in the disinfection of drinking water, industrial and domestic wastes, water in swimming pools and spa baths, etc.

SVAROG lamps have enhanced features over lamps produced by other suppliers such as Philips. Advantages include:

1. After 10000 running hours, Ultraviolet flux power of our lamps only decreases by 5 10% of initial value. This is significantly less than the flux power decay in the amalgam lamps of other producers that fall by 40 50% over this time period.

2. The service life of our lamps is 16000 hours compared to that for other producers that vary from 4000 to 8000 hours.

3. Our lamps are equipped with modern high-frequency stabilized power supply units.

4. Our lamps can be used to replace Philips TUV lamps used by many water companies for Ultraviolet disinfection. By replacing Philips TUV lamps with our amalgam lamps, the Ultraviolet flux power will increase 3 times and service life will double. Replacement of conventional lamps with SVAROG amalgam lamps will provide a state of the art system with an Ultraviolet irradiation power density of no less than 40 mW/cm2 the lowest cost.


Technical parameters of our lamps are listed in the table:

Lamp Type 

NNI 60

NNI 200

NNI 300

Length, mm




Cap type, ceramic

G 13

G 13

G 13

Ultraviolet 253.7

22 W

65 W

105 W

F100/ F10000, no more than (%)

< 6

< 7

< 10

Service life, hours




water treatment

Fig. 1. Decay in Ultraviolet flux power (%) versus service life (h) of a lamp

            (1) Conventional amalgam lamps

            (2) SVAROG NNI lamps



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